How To Duplicate Post or Page in WordPress With Single Click

Formatting post every-time from scratch is time consuming and It always better to clone or duplicate similar post and start from there by modifying. There can be many reasons when cloning or duplicating is preferred than starting from scratch.

There can be many reason, you want to duplicate post or page in WordPress. For an example, You have a post published and you want to modify or re-design the post or you have multiple posts with similar custom fields value, Then duplicating posts or cloning post and page become really helpful.

Duplicating a published post to draft, help user to re-edit existing post easily and user can get a basic look of a pre-configured post.

Duplicating post or page in WordPress using copy and paste method is time consuming method. You’ll have to copy everything one by one but some elements can’t be copied such as feature image and SEO Data.

Duplicate a WordPress Post or Page

Duplicate post

Using WordPress duplicate post plugin, You can easily duplicate any posts or pages with a single click and it will copy all the elements such as Featured Image, SEO data etc to a new draft. Here in this post, We will show you how to clone or duplicate post/page in WordPress using Duplicate post plugin.

Duplicate Post is a one of the most popular WordPress plugin with over a million of active installs and rated 4.9 out of 5 (data collected from All of these statistics of Duplicate post proves how popular this plugin is.

In order to duplicate post or page in WordPress using Duplicate post plugin, The very first step is installing Duplicate Post plugin to your WordPress. First download Duplicate post plugin from here or automatically install it from WordPress plugin installer.

Once Installed and Activated, Now you will see a contextual menu titled Duplicate Post in the WordPress settings menu. Visit Settings > Duplicate Post to perform custom post type support and restrict user roles and what to copy when duplicating a post or page. Here is the settings page of Duplicate Post:

Duplicate Post WordPress Plugin

Once you have completed the settings of Duplicate Post or You can leave the settings default, Now visit Posts > All Posts to get all the posts you have published and drafted. Now scroll to the post that you want to duplicate and hover the mouse icon on it and click on the Clone to duplicate or clone the post to a new draft.

Duplicate Post or page in WordPress

That’s it.

There are a couple of plugins can duplicate WordPress post or Page but The plugin above are most popular and most recommended WordPress Post or Page Duplicate Plugin. Do you know any better one?Please let us know using the comments box below.

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