Resolving Mobile Usability Issue’s In WordPress

Recently Google sends mass notification about mobile usability issue to most of their webmaster tools user. If you are a website owner and have a Google webmaster tools account, You may have received an email from Google webmaster tools. The email is similar like this:

Mobile usability issue

If you are one of those, Who received notification from Google webmaster tools, You need to take quick action to fix Mobile Usability issue to avoid ranking drop from Google mobile search. Actually I’m one of those who received this notification and I fixed that by a little tweaking.

According to Google’s Zineb Ait Bahajji’s Quote:

the upcoming mobile-friendly algorithm will impact more sites than Google Panda or Penguin algorithms.

This quote warn webmasters to fix all mobile usability issues to avoid a big ranking drop and the notification of Google webmaster tools indicate that, Mobile usability will be one of the #1 Mobile-Friendly algorithm. So, How to fix this?

How To Fix Mobile Usability Issue?

Okay! Through this blog post, I will show you how to fix this issue (actually the same method, That I did on my this website to fix mobile usability issue).

Tough, The title of this post mentioned WordPress But, this system will help you to fix mobile usability issues on most of the CMS’s and custom website out there. But, before you proceed, Ask yourself two questions:

  • Are Your Website’s template mobile friendly?
  • Every parts of your website’s design allowed to access by Google-bot or not?

To find the answer of above questions, Google has launched Mobile friendly test tool to see if your website is mobile responsive or not and which design parts of your site is blocked to view for Google-bot.

If you find your website is mobile friendly on Mobile-Friendly test, Then everything is okay! You don’t need to take further action. And if you find any page of your site is non-responsive, You need to take immediate action to fix that.

If you are new to website development, Then you might need to know, what is called mobile-friendly or responsive design?

For your easiness, Here is my quick answer of what is called mobile-friendly:

A design that is developed to adopt on multiple device with different screen size. So you could be on the Mobile, Tablet, Laptop or desktop, The content will be same. For an example, You can browse this page from your mobile, Tablet or desktop to see how friendly this design to your devices. No Scroll or No Pinch required.

So, Once you found the answer of the questions, You know what to do to fix the mobile usability issue. I recommend everyone to use a high quality mobile friendly design that is available on most of the website template marketplace. You can quick search on the theme forest like Premium Website template marketplace to find high quality and mobile friendly website design, Though there are a lot of free mobile friendly design available, But you shouldn’t use these on our website at all.

Once you have a mobile-friendly design on your website, Now run your website or reported page through Mobile Friendly Test to see if the page has any blocking resource. Blocking resource means, Some parts of our website design is blocked by robots.txt. So, Google-bot can’t render the whole parts of your webpage.

To fix blocking resource issue’s, You need to modify your website’s robots.txt file and exclude these blocking resource directory from robots.txt file. To learn more about robots.txt file, I’ve an in-depth article about robots.txt.

And if you find your robots.txt file isn’t blocking a few of the resources reported by Google’s Mobile-Friendly test, Then follow the instructions of how to fix render blocking Javascript and CSS issue in WordPress.

Hope You find this page useful, If so please consider sharing and let me know what do you think about it via below the comments box. Also if you think fixing Mobile usability issue is difficult to you, Let me help you to fix that.

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