How To Block Spam Registration In Drupal 7

It’s been a few days, I have migrated all of my sites into this one. And now my this website runs on Drupal 7. Really I am so excited about this migration and Thanks to Drupal for all the features and advantages that make me choose Drupal as my default CMS for my websites.

But After migrating to Drupal 7, I noticed a huge spam user registration on my Drupal sites. And I’m very serious about spam, That’s why I started searching for prevent spam user registration on my Drupal sites and after a few hours of research I found some solution that really stop spam registration on Drupal 7.

I thought why not share my experience with others, So others can be get benefited from my experience’s. Here’s the solutions that I’ve tried and works really great.

How To Stop Spam Registration In Drupal 7

Actually Drupal 7 has a powerful features that will block spam user registration. Right now I’m using this features and spam registration is 0 since last 2 week. Here in this article, I will show you both (Built In Spam User Registration Protection and Stop spam user account creation using Drupal modules) ways to help you choose the right solution for you.

Built-In Drupal 7 Spam User Account Protection Feature

Remember this features will disable self user account registration to Drupal. If you are running a community or support-base website, This feature isn’t for you.

However, If you are running a blog or website that Doesn’t require self user account creation, This method is a preferred and really good for you. In order to enable this core functionality, You need to follow the following steps below:

  • First Login to your Drupal 7 Admin panel and go to Configuration >> Account Settings
  • Now In this page You will find REGISTRATION AND CANCELLATIONSection, Where you need to choose Who Can Register Accounts on your Drupal 7 Sites.
  • Choose Administrator Only and select Require e-mail verification when a visitor creates an account for extra advantages and Security.

stop spam user registration in drupalThat’s all, Now self user account creation has been disabled, Only Administrator can create new user account for users and spam account creation has disabled.

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Above the method will work really great, But If you want to give your website visitor to create account on your website with some restriction that will prevent spam registration, Then you need to follow the other methods below.

Stop Spam User Registration Using Module In Drupal 7

Using some spam filtering module, You will be able to protect your Drupal site from spam user registration. I have tried a few of the module that add some functionality to your Drupal that will help you to restrict spam user registration. Here are a few of these module, That I have tried and works as they said.

User restrictions:

user restriction settings

User restriction is a nice module that add some filter to user registration system. With this module, You can add some filter such as email addresses that will be not allowed to create account.

For an example: If you want to disable user account creation for all users, Just put to the User Restriction denied access type list and It will start denying account creation with email. Of-course, You can choose only or whatever you want, can create account. The rule configuration takes a wildcard.

After using this module, I believe It’s worth. If you have experienced spam user on your Drupal sites, You may have also noticed that, majority of these account use .ru,, and a few more domain and tld on their email addresses. So you can simply deny these domains and TLD’s using user restriction’s denied access type.

That’s all!

Using Captcha Service:

captcha configure settings

I’ve got a huge success using captcha on my WordPress site and I believe captcha is also powerful when it comes to preventing spam on a website. Actually, Spammer uses some system or software that creates bulk account on multiple websites at a time and these software’s or system’s can’t detect or solve captche’s and then their account creation become failed.

That’s why Captcha system is still effective. I think you should try this as well. There are a numerous modules available that enable us to present a visual challenge on user registration page. And Captcha is a one of my favorite module.

Warning: Sometimes Captcha provides some critical challenge that could be hard to solve for normal users.

Using 3rd Party Spam Service Protection Service/Tools

If you are looking for premium service for fighting spam, There are some available, That you can implement on your Drupal sites with ease.

Here are some of the most popular Spam fighting Service or Tools:

  • Mollom: Mollom Is an intelligent content moderation service that check every Content, Comment and User for spam like activities and prevent them. They use some algorithms to detect spammer and try to prevent submitting content and account creation on your drupal sites. You can download Mollom Module from Drupal repositories:
  • Stop Forum Spam: Sop Forum Spam is another most popular Forum Spam fighting service, That I’ve used once, For one of my client’s forum sites. And It’s really works great. There is a module on Drupal Repositories named Spambot that protects spam and spambot registration on your Drupal sites using Stop Forum Spam’s online Database. You can download this module from Here:
  • Cloudflare: Right now, This website utilizes Cloudflare. Cloudflare is a free online content delivery network and it help website from being attacked by hackers and spammers. It also protect websites from DDoS attack. Using Cloud flare, You won’t be able to completely stop spamming on your website, But It will reduce Spam, I Promise. For our easiness to implement Cloudflare service to our Drupal sites, There is a module for that. Download the module from here:

I’ve used some of these modules and service’s from above and I believe above these modules and services are really worth. If you want to completely stop spam user registration from your Drupal, You should try one or two method from above.

Hope my this share will be helpful to you and thanks for being here. If you have found this share useful, Please consider sharing and leave your comments below.

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