303 Redirect & SEO Effect

We are familiar with 301 (permanent Redirect) and 302 (Temporary redirects) redirects, But 303 is a quite unknown HTTP redirect that is never talked in SEO communities.

You might don’t know (Even I don’t want you to know until the project open for everyone) about my latest project that enforce me to learn more in depth about 303 redirects. So, I start researching about 303 redirects and finally! Now I am thinking of sharing “what came out upon my research?” with my audiences.

303 Redirect (“see other“)

303 redirects (according to W3.org “see other”) basically means the redirecting URL shouldn’t be cached and indicate that the content held elsewhere.

Most importantly: The 303 redirects doesn’t understood by many pre-HTTP/1.1 user agents. Generally 303 redirects use to prevent form re-submission after an HTTP post request.

Impacts In SEO

From my research It also came out that, 303 could affect in SEO visibility.

You might think, How 303 redirects taken by search engine like Google? And If I applied 303 redirect will it pass link juice?

Okay! Let me explain this, Actually 303 redirects are similar to 302 when it comes to SEO. However, There are still some differences that makes 303 different from 302 in SEO while google treat.

Actually, In the case of a 303 redirect, Google will cache both (Redirecting URL and Redirected URL) but the meta title, description and other snippet will pull from the redirected page.

For an example:

If you redirect your “a” page to “b” with 303, Google will index both (“a” & “b”) but the snippet like meta title and description would be displayed from the “b” (redirected) page for both URL’s.

It seems the 303 redirects don’t appear correctly/properly in search engines. So, What to do instead?

When You need to pass the link juice, There is the best solution is 301 (Moved Permanently) redirect and for all other types of redirection that you don’t want to pass link juice, 302 (Found) is perfect.

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  • Hitesh Parekh
    June 18, 2017 at 6:59 pm

    303 redirects have no impact in SEO. It will not pass on the link value to the main site. 303 is only used to prevent a form re-submission after an HTTP Post request.

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