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5 Best WordPress Image Sharing Plugin

You must use image within your blog post. That’s why, Today, I am going to share top 5 WordPress image sharing plugin that will increase the social share of your blog’s images by allowing your blog audiences to share images within your blog post easily.

You know that, People like visual things and they are more likely to share visual things than just another text. Visual things like images can easily get audience attention and if these images are valuable and sharable, Your audiences are most likely to share their social profile.

You also know that, An image worth a thousand words and this statement is proven by Pinterest traffic. I have discovered some top-notch blog which received their most of blog traffic through Pinterest and other social networks.

While Social media play a major role in your website traffic, You should share your content to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. You should also enable your blog visitor to share your content easily on their social profile.

WordPress Social Sharing Plugin

Here, I have listed down some of the most popular and best WordPress image sharing plugin, that will boost your blog traffic from social networks. Let’s check these plugins below:

Easy Social Share Button For WordPress

Easy Social share button has 12 built-in templates

Easy Social Share buttons for WordPress is a premium WordPress plugin. It has many useful features of integrating sharing buttons inside WordPress without writing a single line of code. It also has On Media Sharing feature that gives user the ability to display sharing buttons for images in WordPress posts and pages.

It also has a powerful admin panel, Where you can configure and modify sharing buttons layout, Positions etc. One of the most useful feature that I liked most is, It’s 100% responsive. That’s mean, The social sharing buttons will work when your WordPress site is visited from mobile site. I’ve published an in-depth review of Easy Social Share Buttons (Though The review post needs update).

2. WordPress Image Hover

WordPress Image Hover

WordPress image hover is another best Image sharing Plugin for WordPress. It has a free and paid version. Of-course, Paid version is much better than the free version. The main features of the WordPress Image Hover plugin is, It’s fully customizable and responsive. This plugin will help you to quickly create and display images hover social sharing button to your images.

3. WWM Social Share

WWM image sharing plugin

WWM Social share is a free WordPress image hover sharing plugin. If you want to display a smart looking social share button to your post image on your blog. This plugin supports 6 social media icons including Pinterest, Google+, Facebook and Twitter. It also user friendly and easy to use.

4. Pinterest Pin It Button

Pinterest pinit button

If you are looking for a way to only display Pinterest Pin It Button on your image hover, This plugin is going to fulfil your requirements. As its name (Pinterest Pin It Button) implies, it creates the official Pinterest pin it button to your post images on your blog.

Alternatively, You can create Pinterest Pin it button from the Official Pinterest site. Anyway. Not everyone from techie background like you..

5. Markerly’s Micro-Content Sharing

Markerly micro content sharing

Hey, It’s not a plugin, It’s a simple JavaScript code snippet by Markerly which will automatically insert social sharing button on your posts image hover. You can also customize the buttons and widget look.

One of the most advanced features of Markerly’s Micro Content Sharing widget is, When someone copy text or images from your website and paste that to anywhere, It will also paste the source page url like Tynt. So you will get more traffic and incoming links to your blog.

To Activate this service, You will have to sign up here and They will provide you a Java Script code snippet like below:

<script src=""></script>

Now, Paste the script given by Markerly script just before the tag. That’s all

So, Which plugin or method you are gonna use to your blog or you have installed? Let us know via below the discussion box. Also don’t forget to share any other if you found useful. Thanks for Sharing.

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