Point Blank Pro is a technology web blog where we try to publish technology related articles, Tips and tutorials. Our main topic is WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Windows, Linux, Web Hosting and web server optimization.

And here is who am I, who run Point Blank Pro:

Hay thanks for checking out this about page. I’m Abu Zafor from Bangladesh. I’ve been working as Freelancer since 2007 and Here is the Website that I developed and I often share my views and my Experiences that I’ve earned since 2007 developing website as a Freelancer.

My Main focus of developing this Tech Web Blog is sharing my views with my fellows like you. I’ve earned a lot of experience about WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Web Development, SEO, Blogging and Web Hosting related service including Web server optimization.

I have been publishing content on the web since 2007. I’ve contributed on some most popular blogs on the web. If you need any question about me or related to all of my work (I’ve done) use our contact page. Thanks again for being here and don’t forget to check out my Social profile FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and Subscribe to our RSS Feed to get notified when new post published on this weblog.

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