7 Best Open Source Web Hosting Control Panel

Web hosting control panel allow server administrator to manage multiple website with ease and provide all the basic functionality to enhance website or web server without write any code. It provide a basic simple or complex user interface (GUIs), where user can tweak basic to advance settings without hiring an expert server administrator.

With a web hosting control panel you will have a lot of option available and you don’t need to be a web hosting expert or command line guru to host a website, because most of the tasks can be done with web hosting control panel.

What is a Web Hosting Control Panel?

Web hosting control panel is a graphical user interface that allow user to manage web server and websites without writing command. It allows user to host and manage multiple website, Email and common web server configuration stimulusly from a single place. In general most of the web hosting control panel provides a set of common features and here are some of these that are most common features provide by the web hosting control panels:

  • Web server management
  • Domain Name System Management server (DNS)
  • Email management
  • Web-based file system management
  • File transfer protocol (FTP) management
  • Database system access, Configuration and management
  • Logs and error reporting

Though these are common features, But you can enhance or add more features by using their plugins. Anyway there are some features that specific to control panel and each web hosting control panel provide server or technology specific features and you may ended up with choosing wrong control panel.

So be sure about what you need, Which technology you are comfortable with and what you gonna do. It always better to read and research about Web hosting control panels before installing in your web server.

Nowadays almost every shared web hosting companies provide web hosting control panel included with their hosting service. There are some advance control panel like cPanel, Plesk or DirectAdmin available that is premium, But if you don’t like to pay for a hosting control panel, There’s alternative open source control panel available that you can install in your server.

In this guide we will present some of the most powerful open source web hosting control panel.

Here is a list of Best Open Source Web Hosting Control Panel

Note: Each control panel provide their own set of feature based on which technology they have used. So they are all best with their custom set of feature and quality.

  • Vesta Control Panel aka VestaCP
  • Ajenti
  • Webmin
  • CentOS Web Panel
  • Sentora
  • ISPConfig
  • Froxlor

These are the most popular open source web hosting control panel. There are a few more available like Zpanel (no longer maintained), But I’ve excluded these from this list because of popularity, usability or current maintained status. All of these control panel will provide you all the tools that you may need to maintain your websites.

If you are planning to run one or multiple simple website that doesn’t require any special capabilities then you can go with any of these. However, Below is the introductions of these leading open source web hosting control panels you might love to read.


VestaCP Web Hosting control panel

VestaCP is a one of the most popular web hosting control panel with all the basic features you may need to manage websites, email accounts and database management. VestaCP designed to be lightweight and simplicity in mind. It also provide out of the box support for Nginx and allows users to create easy backups. In order to improve performance of web sites or web application, VestaCP use Apache web server as application backend while Nginx for web panel frontend.

Though VestaCP is a powerful web hosting control panel, It still has some drawbacks like it doesn’t support multi-server setups, and there’s some plugins like file manager need payment to activate.

VestaCP Website: https://vestacp.com/

By the way, I’m using VestaCP without file manager and it’s ok to me (I manged to use FTP instead file manager).


Ajenti Web Panel

Ajenti is another open source web hosting control panel with modern user interface and all the essential features you may need to handle multiple website and managing your web server configuration. Ajenti is a python based web control panel that makes itself standout from others. With the easy and modern interface, anyone can add website and basic web task easily.

Ajenti comes with many pre-built plugins like Apache, Nginx, MySQL, FTP, Firewall, File Manager, Code editor, terminal access for developers and many more.

Ajenti Website: http://ajenti.org/


Webmin Control panel

Webmin is a fully featured and super functional web hosting control panel that comes with all the basic to advance features and functionality you may need in server and web hosting management. It comes with beautiful and elegant web interface. Webmin is capable of managing simple to advance task with it’s beautiful GUI. It has over dozens of modules for configuring server services like LAMP stack and many more.

Though Webmin is a most advanced web panel for website and server management, It also bit tricky for beginners, and it has less resource than other web hosting control panel like VestaCP.

Webmin Website: http://www.webmin.com/

CentOS Web Panel

CentOS Web Panel

As the name implies, CentOS Web Panel is specially designed for CentOS/RHEL operating system. CentOS Web Panels allows server administrator to manage multiple server stimulusly (both VPS and dedicated). It has all the basic feature that you may expect from a web hosting control panel. CentOS web panel uses latest technologies to enhance your web server and web performance.

The big drawbacks of CentOS web panel is, It designed for CentOS/RHEL other Linux distribution like Ubuntu isn’t officially supported.

CentOS Web Panel Website: http://centos-webpanel.com/


Sentora Web Hosting ControlPanel

Sentora is a open source web hosting control panel built specially for work on most of the Linux distros. Sentora is a based on the foundation of Zpanel by the original team of Zpanel and it provide robust web hosting control panel solution for small and medium sized web server. It comes with all the essential software and services like Apache HTTPd, PHP, ProFTPd, MySQL/MariaDB, Postfix and many more.

Sentora comes with module system that enables server administrator to enhance and extend server capabilities by installing additional modules developed by Sentora team.

Sentora Website: http://www.sentora.org/


ISPConfig web hosting control panel

ISPConfig is another multilingual web hosting control panel that is free and open source. Its also a one of the popular panel for web hosting management. ISPConfig claims that, they have 40,000 downloads per month. It is specially designed to be run on most of the linux distribution and can work on any kind of server from low end VPS to high end dedicated. It also capable of managing multiple server from one place.

ISPConfig Website: https://www.ispconfig.org/


Froxlor Web Server Management

Froxlor is a lightweight web server management panel that can be used on Dedicated, VPS and shared hosting platforms. It comes with easy to use interface and all the basic feature of web hosting control panel. It also comes with built-in ticket system within Froxlor advanced user levels. There is a IPv6 support and per domain service and module allocation system. It’s deal for small organization of personal use.

Froxlor Website: https://www.froxlor.org/

That’s it. These are popular open source web hosting control panel. If you need more advanced functional control panel, you should try premium like cPanel, Plesk or DirectAdmin. Hope the overview of 7 best open source web panel help you decide which one you should try. By the way do you use any other Control panel? Let us know about it and you experience using comments below.

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