Are Your Website On Google Blacklist?

In order to keep search quality better, Google and other search engines use a blacklist where they list all the spam sites that they think they shouldn’t allow these websites in search results.

We are bloggers and website owners spend months and months for building our website, We write content from our heart, We work hard to write for other blogs so, we can get valuable backlinks, But we often made some mistakes that force our website to get labeled as a Spammer or search engine blacklist.

That’s the one thing that is basically a death sentence for a website and a website owner. There can be numerous reasons to get listed in search blacklist such as Malware on your website, Bad neighbor on the same IP, Spam like activity or firing newsletter to the wrong people. You might wonder about how sending newsletters to the wrong people can result Google’s Blacklist? Okay! We use an email newsletter to let our subscribers know about our latest promotion or update, Right?

Okay, Now tell me how many of your subscribers are receiving the stuff they actually want to read? If a few of them find your newsletter is like spamming or they are receiving without their permission, They can mark you as a spammer that will be stored in most of the online Blacklist service and Google may use their database to find out not only email to block, but also the websites that are involved in.

However, As Search blacklist is a death sentence for a website, You mustn’t want to see your website on the Google Blacklist? Anyway, We will discuss about removing website from Google Blacklist, But the first thing should come first. Here through this blog post, I will help you to find if your websites are on Google or other search blacklist. Here I’ll also introduce you with some web service that you will need to utilize after reading this blog post.

Okay! How To Know If My Websites On Google Blacklist?

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of websites or web tools that list spam and abusive host. These websites and tools are looking for bad URL and Spam website and domain to help their clients from potential malware or viruses. Whilst they are tracking thousands of website they have a large portion of blacklisted website and IP address. So you can use their service to find out if your domain is on their list.

However, before we get introduced with some popular abusive host database, I’d like to show you How To Find If your website on the Google Blacklist using Google Webmaster Tools.

Check Google Blacklist Using Google Webmaster Tool

The Google webmaster tool is a one of the must have SEO tools for webmasters. They do use GW to submit their web content to Google, Submit website to Google, Submitting XML sitemap and some basic SEO tools like robots.txt tester, Structured data markup helper, remove URL from google search and much more.

Unfortunately, GWT doesn’t offer any direct tool to find out if your website, Google’s Spam blacklist, However they will notify you any security related issue, but for Spam related issue, You will have to figure out by checking crawl data. The fastest and most accurate checker is checking if Google crawls your website and If they don’t crawl your website, Your website might have on their blacklist. Here is an example of Google crawl data that seems okay and not in Blacklist.

Check website for search engine blacklist

You can check your website crawl stats by logging into your Google webmaster tool account and then going Your Website > Crawl > Crawl Stats.

If you find a major drop in “pages crawled per day” section, Your website might be listed in Google Blacklist.

However, Except Google and other search blacklist, There are few other blacklist databases that list email spammers. By getting your domain on these lists could lead your email not reaching to your subscriber’s inbox. Indeed, There are hundreds of of web tools will help you to find if you are on any of email blacklist. In this case, I recommend MX Toolbox to run your domain and IP to see if your email isn’t getting delivered to your recipient’s inbox.

So, There is some tool that will help you to find out if your domain or domain IP is blacklisted and Now you can even check your website on Google’s Blacklist. Now share your blacklist status with us. We’d love to help you to remove your website from any blacklist. Share your thoughts and if any other blacklist check tool you have used before via below the comment box.

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