How To Choose A Perfect WordPress Theme

WordPress is the most popular content management system on the web . There are millions of Website on the web powered by WordPress including some of the most noticeable and powerful websites like TechCrunch, BBC America, Variety, Bloomberg Professional and many more. It also comes with beginner friendly modern user interface, feature rich content management and thousands of free & premium pre-made WordPress themes.

There is no shortage of WordPress themes on the web. You can search on google for the keywords of “WordPress theme” and BOOM! You will find thousands of WordPress theme that is almost ready to use on your WordPress site. Though the default WordPress themes that comes with a standard WordPress installation is beautiful and responsive, But if you want to customize your WordPress site’s look, Then you either need to customize the design yourself or get a pre-made theme for your needs from 3rd party WordPress theme developer.

But the problem is, Picking the perfect WordPress theme from a huge list is quite challenging and needs some knowledge of web standards and a little technical knowledge like SEO, Responsive design, HTML etc. For you easiness to choose the perfect one for your needs, We have a list of most popular and best WordPress themethat you can find at the bottom of this post. Anyway, You may also be interested in learning about how to choose a WordPress theme or what to consider while choose a WordPress theme for your needs. Okay, We also have an guide for this below:

How To Choose A WordPress Theme

There are a few things you should consider while choosing a WordPress theme for your WordPress website/blog. You also need to be careful while choosing one from thousands because, Your website tells:

  • Who you are
  • What do you offer
  • And about your business’s

You may have heard the proverb “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. By the way, when it comes to your website or blog, your audiences/customers will judge your website by it’s appearance.

We have listed a few of consideration that you should while choosing a WordPress theme for your website and these considerations will help you decide whether you should get this or that or even you need to update or change the current one installed on your WordPress.

Remember Your Goals

Ask yourself: What do you want to do with your website?

  • Is it for selling products or service?
  • or just a simple blog that publishes your expressions?
  • or A directory of your favorite things?
  • or A number of yummy recipes?

Yeah!, It’s matter and probably your goal is the first consideration when it comes to choosing a WordPress theme. If you want your website to be a simple blog, You should choose a WordPress theme that is designed for blog elements. Every WordPress theme designed based on the purpose of usage. So, If you choose a simple blogging theme, It should have all the elements a blog needs. So set your goal first and choose WordPress theme based on your goal.

Simplicity Always Wins

Rather than choosing a complex website layout, You should choose a simple design that meets with your expectation. Every WordPress theme comes with a lot of colors, features and layouts, But most of the time you don’t need all of these complex layouts, colors or animations. So don’t be a fool by choosing a WordPress theme only for a lot of complex layouts, features that you don’t really need. Instead, choose a WordPress theme that has a simple design and helps you support your goal.

Choosing a complicated layouts or design can be consideration of usability. If a theme looks good but doesn’t help you in build a mailing list or growing your business, It’s just useless because “Beauty is nothing without brains”.

Responsive Design Is Essential

Responsive design is adjusting your website layout on various device based on the screen size and device. Nowadays, Most of the internet user use their handheld devices to browse websites and you should make your website ready for these handheld devices. If your potential customer can’t view your website properly from their mobile devices, It’s sure that you will loss them. Responsive WordPress theme also helps you in many ways like google push responsive website on top on mobile search result.

Most of the Premium WordPress themes comes with mobile responsiveness, But still some theme provider use fixed layouts that broke when viewing from mobile devices. So make sure to choose a WordPress theme that comes with mobile responsive feature. You can also try if a WordPress theme is mobile friendly or not, using some free tools online like Google mobile friendly test tool and Screenfly.

Browser Compatibility

If a WordPress theme look perfect from the web browser you are using doesn’t mean, it will be perfect from other web browsers and you know that, your website audiences will be using different web browser. A WordPress theme can be broken from other web browser while it’s still perfect from yours. So before choosing a WordPress theme make sure it’s compatible for most of the web browsers your website audience will be using. You can also use some web tools to check cross browser compatibility issue of a WordPress theme. Also make sure to test from various mobile browser as well.

SEO Friendly

A WordPress theme play a vital role in search engine optimization (SEO). SEO doesn’t mean a good looking design, It’s about high quality well structured code and proper formatting of HTML elements like Heading, Images, Title etc. To know about a WordPress theme’s SEO friendliness you need some basic knowledge of on-page SEO. You can also try some web tools like W3C Markup Validation to see for HTML5 validation error.

Above these should be your main consideration when it comes to choosing a WordPress theme. There are a few other consideration you should also consider like:

  • Support and Documentation
  • Usability
  • Rating & Reviews
  • Features
  • Security & Performance
  • Supported Plugins and Conflicted Plugins
  • Multilingual Ready
  • Other elements or supports you may need to fulfill your goal.

That’s all the consideration I do when I need a WordPress theme and don’t have enough time to develop a new one from scratch.

Note: We have done all the consideration listed above while choosing the best WordPress theme for you. You can find almost any kind of WordPress themes for your needs at the bottom of this post.

You may be also wondering about what’s the differences between free WordPress themes Vs. Premium WordPress themes?

Free WordPress theme Vs Premium WordPress theme

Most of the time, people will recommend you premium WordPress theme instead free because, The premium theme comes with guaranteed support, Clean and well organized code, Security and performance improvement and a few other enhancements.

The free WordPress theme is great for beginners on a budget but it also has some common problem like:

  • It doesn’t update regular basis
  • Lack of support or completely abandoned
  • Poor code quality that cause of increasing security risks
  • Limited compatibility support and conflicting with other plugins
  • Often has encrypted links in footer that harm in SEO
  • Limited options to customize the visual appearances

List of Best WordPress Themes 2017

Below is the list of most popular WordPress themes of 2017 from industry leader WordPress theme marketplace like ThemeForest, Mojo Marketplace, StudioPress and many more.

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