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Easy Social Share Buttons For WordPress Review

Yesterday, I got introduced with Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress. It’s a premium WordPress plugin that is just awesome. You might have heard that, Social network is an alternative of search engines in the field of traffic generation. Even Social traffic is more secure than a search engine. Because there is no penalty unless you stop logging.

But social media only works when people are sharing your blog content. That’s why social sharing buttons or plugins is a one of the most crucial things that you shouldn’t ignore. Anyway, for them who can’t ignore social sharing buttons to their WordPress, Here is best Social sharing plugin for WordPress.

Yesterday, When I found Easy social sharing buttons for WordPress plugin in Envato, I search on Google about it and also try their demo to see if it perfect for this blog. Finally, As you can see that, I’ve implemented easy social sharing button for WordPress plugin to this blog.

Easy social share buttons for wordpress

Easy social share buttons for WordPress made implementing social sharing buttons within WordPress easy, fast and more attractive. It allows me to add sharing button anywhere within my blog in less than one minute.

Since I start this blog, I was very sensitive about social sharing buttons, Because the most of the traffic on this blog is coming from Facebook, Twitter and Google+. That’s why I wanted to optimize it for social networks. As you know without social sharing button, A blog or website isn’t fully optimized for social networks. I’ve tried the various plugin, But after installing a plugin, I do run some test to identify if it’s hurting my blog from growing. I basically do test on the following factors:

  • Security
  • Speed
  • Accessibility
  • Usability
  • And code quality

The tests never satisfied me. However, after a long journey, I might have found what I was actually looking for; It’s easy social share buttons for WordPress. You might wonder, Why I am so much confidence about it?

Let me explain…

Through this review, I will uncover the features of it…

Easy Social Share Buttons For WordPress Features

It was really so quick to be convinced that, Easy Social share button for WordPress is perfect for me and I should purchase it to use on my blog. Because of its features. They offer a huge feature and advantages that you can’t afford to ignore. This awesome WP Plugin supports 18+ major social media service, including lesser known social networks like, Weibo, VKontakte and much more.

It also allows users to add E-mail, print and a love button. The amazing thing is, You can arrange these social share button with a drag & drop interface.

easy social share buttons for wordpress

It also has a varied range of style and every update comes with a new template set of button design. All the design looks professional and attractive. The present version of easy social share buttons for WordPress plugin offers 12 different sets of button design that is ready to use.

Easy Social share button has 12 built-in templates

With Easy social share buttons for WordPress plugin, placing social sharing button within your WordPress blog is much easier than the other. It offers 10 automatic positions and short-code generator that makes placing buttons anywhere in your WordPress possible. You can even personalize the position for different type of post. It also has built in widget functionality to place a social counter and buttons within widget area.

Easy social share button for wordpress

When it comes to social sharing counter and button style, It’s still remain best. Because there are multiple design for button and 8 different counter styles available for each template set. For sharing buttons, you can add text, remove text, text on hover or display text for all the time.

The most useful features of Easy social share buttons is, It has a powerful analytic system that will help you to monitor social activity across all major social networks. It also monitors top shared content by social network.

easy social share buttons

Key Features of ESSB (From my view)

  • Highly customizable
  • Easy to configure
  • Social metrics and analysis
  • Fast loading
  • Minified CSS and JS
  • Social Fans Counter
  • Supports Short-codes, Widget and Automatic position
  • Popup Sharing features
  • Supports floating sharing bar
  • Ready made templates and button style
  • Automatic Updates
  • And much more…..

Final Thoughts….

Easy social share buttons for WordPress is still new to me. I’ve installed it on this blog yesterday and I am still discovering new features. However, The features of Easy social share buttons are awesome and I have already become a fan of it. The most amazing features of ESSB from my view is, It doesn’t hurt WordPress security and performance. The code quality is clean also…

Hope that, You find my review of the Easy social share buttons for WordPress useful. If you are interested in it, You can buy easy social share buttons (aff) from CodeCanyon for $14.

As always, Don’t forget to share your opinion about this plugin via below the discussion box.

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