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How To Enable, Disable or Manage Outlook Add-ins

Microsoft Outlook gives you the ability to extend it’s functionality by adding add-ins to your Outlook. When you adds add-ins to your Outlook, It extend your outlook’s functionality by adding custom codes and commands to Outlook or other office program.

There are a thousands of excellent add-ins available that you can download and install on your Outlook to increase your self/business’s productivity. Sometime Add-ins called “extension” or “plugin”. Sometimes we install unnecessary Add-ins and disabling unnecessary add-ins is the best way to make your outlook start faster, Use less memory.

But if you are new to managing Add-ins in Outlook and need some help to disable or enable add-ins in outlook, Here is complete instructions of enable or disable add-ins in outlook:

How To Enable, Disable Outlook Add-ins

Outlook 2003 or earlier:

  • First go to Tools > Options.
  • Now click on the Other > Advanced Settings.
  • Click on the Add-in Manager button.
  • Now check or uncheck any add-in to enable or disable it.
  • Note: Some add-ins require restarting Outlook for changes to take effect.

Outlook 2007:

  • First go to the add-ins management section by visiting Tools > Trust Center > Add-ins.
  • Now select Com Add-ins from the manage dropdown box at the bottom.
  • After that hit on the Go…¬†button.
  • Now Check/Uncheck the add-ins to enable or disable Outlook Add-ins
  • Note: Some add-ins require restarting Outlook for changes to take effect.

Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 & Outlook 2016:

  • Go to File > Option.
  • Click on the Add-ins section from the left sidebar
  • Select Com Add-ins from the manage dropdown box at bottom and click on the Go… button.
  • Now Uncheck the add-ins you want to disable and check the add-ins that you want to enable.
  • For some Add-ins you will be need to restart your Outlook for changes to take effect.

You can also completely remove Add-ins from your outlook by selecting and clicking on the Remove button from the Com Add-ins section.

Remove Add-ins from Outlook
Com Add-ins In Outlook 2007

That’s all the instructions you need to Enable, Disable or manage Outlook Add-ins.

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