Feedburner Feeds Best Practice In SEO & Traffic

Last month I have received over 2,000 traffic from Feedburner and still receiving and the craziest things are, The traffic from Feedburner is continually growing.

You may also use Feedburner to aggregate your blog content and let your users subscribe to get notified when you are updating your blog as well. Feedburner is a great service from Google to give us a user friendly subscription system which is utilized by millions.

Nowadays, Most of the search engines using Feedburner to get alerted when they are updated. So having a Feedburner account to aggregate your blog content and allow your audience to subscribe your blog or website is Important.

While it’s important to have a Feedburner account, It’s also important to optimize your Feedburner feed for your Site SEO. You may have noticed that, You Feedburner feed is displaying full content of your website or limited amount of words which may cause Duplicate content issues.

Feedburner Best Practices

There are two things you should consider to optimize your Feedburner feed for your audience without Hurting your sites or blog’s SEO. Here I will discuss some of the best practices of the Feedburner feed to make it easy for your users and friendly for your site SEO.

Is it Nofollowed?

The primary things you will have to do with your Feedburner feed for SEO advantages is Nofollow. You may have aweared of nofollow links? However, Now let me explain a little about Nofollow.

By inserting rel=”nofollow” tag within a link, It will inform Google and other search engines to not follow the link.

While, Feedburner feeds create duplicate content, You should insert nofolow tag when linking your feed url. It will not solve the issue completely, But it will help in improving.

Is It Noindexed?

Noindex tag is used to prevent search engines to display the web page in search results. However, Your Feedburner feeds are not going to get high rank in search engines, but it’s needed to noindex it for maximum SEO benefits from your Feedburner account. Though, feeds will not display or indexed by search engines, but by enabling noindex, It will increase the possibilities of not being hurt in SEO for duplicate content issue.

To noindex your feeds in Feedburner, You will have to follow the following instructions below:

Noindex Feedburner feeds

Is it Displaying Full content?

You know that Feedburner display nasty and masked URL instead of your contents clean URL. The default Feedburner URL looks like:


To get SEO benefits you should add the clean URL of your content. Here’s a screenshot of the BloggingGuts Feedburner account.

Excerpt and readmore links in feedburner

Above the illustration displaying that the source URL (BloggingGuts content URL) in clean format.

You are not fully protected from being caught by search robots for Duplicate content. That’s all, the best practices can do for you. Alternatively, If you are using WordPress, Then you can use default WordPress feed which is quite good, but above the same things you will need to do for SEO and traffic.

If you have finally come out of your decision to use the default WordPress feed, You will lose the opportunity to allow your blog or site audience to subscribe your feed via email unless you pay for it.

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