DigitalOcean Review: Why We Switched To DO?

DigitalOcean SSD Cloud VPS Hosting

If you are a regular reader of PointBlankPro, You may have noticed the we have some downtime since last 3 months. Actually, we were looking for a reliable hosting platform for this blog. We have used most of the major web hosting services, including HostGator, Bluehost, iPage and InMotion but we were not actually being satisfied with the service or the hosting service that we were using was not met with our requirements.

For our kind of blog which received not so big traffic, but as a traffic continually growing, We need a hosting partner that will totally our kind and can handle few to millions of traffic without slowing down blog performance. After testing most top shared hosting service, We decide to take a try to DigitalOcean.

I have been using DigitalOcean’s SSD Cloud hosting for about a month and in this period, I understood that I am on the right platform to host our growing blog without paying extra charges. You know that, Paying $100 is quite expensive for a growing blog which just 6 months old.

Now you can feel that, This blog’s loading speed is increased dramatically and the response rate is notable. As you know that, Google takes speed seriously and a good hosting is essential to make sure that Google Bot can crawl your site properly. So then, You can expect increase your blog rank in Google.

Why We Moved To DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean SSD Cloud hosting review

Actually There are few things we have considered at DigitalOcean before we switch to them. Here I will share the few things that I consider before moving to DigitalOcean. You can find all of these reasons by reading “Why We moved to DigitalOcean“. Let me tell you the truth:

Full Control Over It

As a shared hosting partner you have limited access to your server. It’s a one of the reasons, That’s why We moved from shared hosting to DigitalOcean. Actually, Now I have full control over it. That’s Mean I can add new features and modify the settings to configure my server for best performance and security.

I have a little knowledge about Linux and I know that there are some settings and Linux application can increase site performance and Security scale as well.

Most of the shared hosting provider hosts our site to Apache server which is quite great but For maximum scalability and performance, There is no other option than Nginx. Yeah, Nginx is the software which is created for maximum scalability and site performance.

To improve my site performance, I have installed Varnish Cache, APC (Alternative PHP Cache) and Memcached which is not just improving my site performance, It also reduces the request of my server. So Its fast enough and can handle thousands of requests per minute without slowing down.

Super Fast Response Time

I love WordPress and a big fan of it. All of my blogs are powered by WordPress and you know that WordPress is a server intensive Software. So we needed a server that can seamlessly handle all the functionality of WordPress. Yeah, DigitalOcean is our choice because of it.

As a shared hosting, You might get unlimited resource, but is it unlimited? NOT! Actually, They allocate some ram randomly to their clients and If you need extra resource, You will have to pay overage charge or enjoy happy Downtime :( isn’t it?

At DigitalOcean, I have a configured 1 GB Ram for my VPS and currently 3 blogs hosted on it. The amazing things is, My blogs current response time is lower than 90 ms while A shared hosting is not able to respond within 200 ms. Here is a Comparison of response time between GoDaddy, Synthesis and DigitalOcean by one of my fellow.

The Room Is Only Mine

Black can be your favorite color, but don’t think that by writing Black, I meant the color. By using Black I’d like to have classified the Spam, Porn and Other types of site that can be harm your site’s security and SEO. Yeah, It can, Because your site is on a shared server and you don’t know how many and what types of other sites are hosted by the same server and same IP as well. Below, I have posted a video of Matt Cutts where he explains the effects of it:

At DigitalOcean, I have a dedicated IP address which is assigned for only my blogs and I am sure that, All of my blogs are not connected with any illegal websites in any way.

In the instance of it, You can run your website through any Reverse IP lookup tool to find out the other websites you are sharing the server.

It’s Economical

I have paid more than $10 per month for a shared hosting, but Here ate DigitalOcean I only pay $10 per month for 3 times better performance, Scalability, Dedicated IP, 1 GB Ram, 20 GB SSD Storage and 2 core processor. Now I pay only for the resource that I really need.

Currently my 3 blogs are using average 20% or memory and 19% of hard disk. That’s mean, I still have lots of resources to grow without additional charges.

One step ahead in SEO

IPV6: Now I have a dedicated IPV6 which means one step ahead in SEO. Generally, Most of Shared Hosting service doesn’t even has IPV6.

After reading the whole article, You may have already understood that, so far I am satisfied with DigitalOcean. But for some people and some reasons DigitalOcean is not for all. If you are more interested in easiness over usefulness then, DigitalOcean not for you. As an Un-managed cloud VPS hosting, DigitalOcean doesn’t offer or provide web hosting control panel. That’s mean, Most of the work done from the console.

And If you are willing to pay for a Control panel, Then you can buy a cPanel license and install it to your server. However, All the settings and Configurations are done manually and DigitalOcean don’t guarantee that they will provide you the support for 3rd party software or application. Although, They have a huge list of tutorials for their users that will enable anyone to set up a website within 20 minutes or less.

DigitalOcean has advance support for WordPress. That’s mean, If you are planning to use WordPress as a content management system for your Website, You don’t need any control panel or a huge documentation. They have the built in application image that will install WordPress with the best settings within a minute.

If you are facing the same issue and looking for alternatives of high performed web hosting for your WordPress, Then no look further: DigitalOcean (aff link). Signup Through this special link and get $10 credit to your DigitalOcean account.

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