Best Practices of Using Heading Tags In SEO

Heading play an important role in SEO. In-general, Heading is used for making your content easier to understand by Robots and Humans. As it name implies, Heading are used to isolate each section of your contents or webpage. If you are newcomers in the Web world, You might want to learn more about heading tags.

Through this article, I have tried to give you clear understanding of Heading tags (also known as HTML Header tags). Let me explain:

What Is Heading Tag?


using heading tags for SEO purpose

Heading tag is an important thing in SEO and used to isolate content in a webpage. Most of webmaster also known Heading as HTML Header tag. The most important heading tags are starting from h1 and ends to h6. If you are publishing a news to your website, the news headline should be formatted with Heading tag.

The heading tag can be used in HTML with the following format:

<h1>Main Heading</h1>
  <h2>Secondary Heading</h2>
    <h3>Sub Secondary Heading</h3>

Proper Structure of Header Tag In HTML

You shouldn’t directly jump to h3 from h1. In HTML the header tag should be placed in a hierarchical (h1 to h6) that’s mean, You shouldn’t break the structure of your site content by using h1 and then jump to h3. For better understanding, I have added an example of well structured heading below:

<h1>Main Heading</h1>
  <h2>Secondary Heading</h2>
     <h3>Sub Secondary Headings</h3>
        <h4>Heading 4</h4>
     <h3> sub secondary headings 2</h3>
  <h2>Secondary Heading 2</h2>

Every page must have an h1 tag and no more than one. Here’s matt cutts video. Let’s check:

From The Point of SEO View

As I Wrote before, Heading play an important role in On-page SEO. Google and other major search robots understand the content structure in a webpage using numerous algorithm. The Header tag is a one of those.

Here are some best practices of using heading tags from the view of SEO:

  • Keyword In Headers: Google’s spider and major other spiders check the relevancy of heading with Keywords. You know that, Heading is another best part of your content structure, That’s why they(robots) find the relevancy with main keywords and the whole content to the HTML header tag.
  • Title In H1: The main part of a webpage is Title. Google takes the title seriously to rank on their SERP. As a SEO’ers I recommend you to use h1 tag in content title section and don’t use another h1 on a single page.
  • Only Use Headings When Needed: While HTML header tag is important in On-Page Optimization, You should take care of using it properly. And using excessive HTML header tag is not going to make your content SEO optimized+. It’s making your content non-usability. Isn’t it? You should use HTML header tag only where appropriate
  • Avoid Stuffing: You may have heard about Over Optimization Penalty. Yeah, If you are stuffing HTML header tag within your content, You might over optimizing your content.
  • Make Sure That, The HTML Header tag is Visible: Does HTML header tag within your webpage is visible? Google now able to read CSS and hidden text in a webpage. Hidden text can result in SEO penalties or Search engine blacklist.
  • Heading Tags aren’t for design: If your webpage needs design, You should use CSS instead of using the Heading tags. Someday ago, I have worked on a site which got removed from Google search. The webmaster of the site, requested me to consult his website. After checking the site, I have found lots of SEO issue and Heading tags for designing the webpage is a one of those.
  • It’s Better To Use Only Once: Avoid using an HTML header tag in multiple times for multiple pages can be harmful for your site’s SEO. For best practices, You should use unique HTML Header tags throughout your site.

For best practices of using H1, H2, H3, H4 & H5 on a webpage, You should do what Google recommends. There is no clear data of the using of Heading tag in a webpage, even Google also didn’t make this controversy clear to us. All of the data above, Is recommended by many SEO Gurus.

If you find this article useful, Why don’t share with your fellows via social network. Also, let me know your feedback and recommendation of using Heading tag for SEO via below the discussion box.

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