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How To Record Screen To GIF

I often use animated GIF inside my blog post and someone over there has loved this and requested to share what system or software I use to capture PC/Laptop screen as an animated GIF? The message was:

Hi Abu, I just stumbled your Cool & Funny Google Tricks You May Never Heard of¬†titled blog post. Really It was interesting and some amazing things that I didn’t know before.

However, While reading the blog post, I notice that, You have used Animated GIF Image inside the blog post. I’m excited to know what system or software you have used to record these amazing Screenshot. Thanks You ūüôā

As media taking a big part in the web industry, The media utilization are rising. If you search on The Google, You will find almost hundreds of Software that will allow you to customize and create media with a lot of features.

Today, I will share about some¬†media creation software that will allow you to record screen to GIF. To make a tutorial or guide easy to understand by audience, Animated GIF is essential. If an Image tells thousands of words than An animated GIF image tells Millions of words. That’s why today I’m sharing some software that can record screen to animated GIF image.

Record Screen To Animated GIF Using Licecap

Over the hundreds of screen recorder software, I picked The best and lightweight software called LICEcap developed by Cockos Incorporated.

LICEcap is a free, easy to use and lightweight software that you can install on Your Windows operating System and LICEcap OSX version for Mac Operating System.

LICEcap allows you to record your PC/Laptop screen and save as an animated GIF image. The main Key features of LICEcap are:

  • It’s Free & Easy To Use
  • Lightweight Screen Recording Software
  • Record Screen and Save directly to .GIF
  • Applicable for Both (Win & OSX)
  • Move Screen Capture frame Wile Recording
  • Pause & Restart recording
  • Insert Custom Text
  • Record With Mouse Button click and Keyboard HotKeys
  • Adjustable recording frame

Okay! So are you ready to Give LICEcap a try? If You are, Then First download LICEcap to your computer from the official website and before start downloading, Make sure you are downloading the latest version.

Now Install LICEcap in your computer. After successful Installation, When you open it up, You will see a transparent screen recording frame like this:

LiceCap Screen Capture as an animated gif

Now move the frame to the position or on the window that you want to record as an animated GIF Image. You can do that by Dragging the frame with mouse click and place it on the position you want to record.

You can also resize the frame by entering the size in the Size box or Dragging the corner with mouse click. Once the frame is placed on the perfect position and everything is ready, Simply hit on the record button. Once you click on the record button, LICEcap will ask you for the Location to save the record in .GIF or .LCF format.

I Recommend using .GIF instead of .LCF because the .LCF format isn’t recognizable¬†by other software. For your easiness, Here is a demo of How to record Screen with LICEcap as an animated GIF (Copyright by¬†LICEcap):

How To LiceCap

And Here is the Output:

LiceCap Demo


When You are done hit on the stop button to stop recording and now open the recorded GIF.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a simple and lightweight software to create a mini presentation or tutorial, LICEcap is a must have software.

ScreenToGif – Record Screen Directly To GIF

Record Screen Directly to GIF

ScreenToGif is similar to LiceCap But, After Give it a try I found ScreenToGif is lighter than LiceCap and Really I’m started loving it. ScreenToGif will allow you to record selected area and save It as an animated GIF image. It’s also easy to use and very small size.

ScreenToGif requires .NET Framework 4.6.1. So before Downloading and Installing ScreenToGif to your computer, Make sure you have .NET Framework 4.6.1 installed on your system. And bad news for Mac User is that, ScreenToGif only support Windows.

Here are some key features of ScreenToGif:

  • Record Screen directly to .GIF image
  • Pause, Restart & Start Over (Discard)
  • Ability to¬†add Text, Subtitles, Title Frames, Borders, Watermarks, Drawings, etc.
  • Move the Recording frame while recording to anywhere in the screen
  • Very easy to use and Very small size (Lighter)

ScreenToGif is a handy application that enable us to record screen as an animated GIF image. If you need to record small presentation or Tutorial, ScreenToGif is perfect alternative of LICEcap.

Few More To Try…

There are over hundreds of screen recorder software available in the internet. I’ve tried only a few of those and shared my best picks. Here are a few more that you may try.

  • Gif Recorder: Gif Recorder is a GIF screen recorder software for Windows that record screen to GIF image. The Gif Screen recorder is a professional Tools and easy to use. Download Gif Recorder.
  • Recordit: Recordit is another Screencasting software that support Windows and MAC. Download Here

Have you tried any of these or other GIF Screen Recorder software? Let us know your experience with GIF Screen recording software via below the comments section.


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