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How To Disable/Enable JavaScript In Web Browser

JavaScript is a powerful and most popular client side scripting language. There are almost every website use JavaScript to make webpage more attractive to audiences. As JavaScript is a client side scripting language, this means that JavaScript code is placed into an HTML page. When a user or visitor request a webpage which has JavaScript placed inside it, The JavaScript sent to the user’s browser and then it’s up to browser to do something with it.

Today’s almost every browser has built in JavaScript enabled by default but if you want, You can simply disable JavaScript in your browser. Before disabling JavaScript in your Web browser, keep in mind that, Once JavaScript is disabled, some function and elements on the webpage will not work properly.

To disable or enable (if disabled) JavaScript in your browser, select your browser from the list below and follow the instruction:

Internet Explorer

  • Go to Control panel > Internet Option

Internet Option is Windows

  • Click Security tab
  • Click on the Custom Level… button

Internet Option Properties

  • Now scroll to the Scripting section

Internet Option Security settings

  • Under Active Scripting choose Enable, Disable or Prompt
    • Enable: JavaScript Enabled
    • Disable: JavaScript Disabled
    • Prompt: Browser will ask you to Enable JavaScript every time when a webpage has JavaScript in it.
  • Click OK button to activate the settings.

Mozilla Firefox

On the Firefox address field type about:config and hit Enter

Mozilla Firefox Config Page

  • Click on the I’ll be careful, I promise! button
  • Type JavaScript on the search box

Mozilla About Config JavaScript Search

  • Right click on the javascript.enabled preference and select Toggle to disable or enable JavaScript in Mozilla Firefox.

Google Chrome

  • On the Google Chrome address field type chrome://settings/ or directly visit Google Chrome’s setting page

Google Chrome settings

  • Scroll down and click on the Show advanced settings…
  • Under Privacy click Content Settings button

Google Chrome Content Settings

  • Now a pop-up will appear (You can also directly access this popup using chrome://settings/content on the address box)

Google Chrome disable JavaScript

  • On this Pop-up choose “Do not allow any sites to run JavaScript” radio to disable JavaScript in Google Chrome.


  • Go to Opera Settings by clicking on the Customize and Control opera from the top left or use short key Alt + p.

Opera browser settings

  • Now click on the Websites from the left pane.
  • After that select Do not allow any site to run JavaScript Radio to disable JS in Opera Browser.

disable js in opeara

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a brand new web browser by Microsoft. If you are using Edge and want to disable JavaScript, You need to apply group policy. Here are the details:

  • Right click on the windows icon in task bar or use shortcut key Win + r to run the Run dialog box.

windows run dialog

  • Now type gpedit.msc into the Run dialog box.
  • A new group policy windows will appear.

computer configuration

  • Click Administrative Templates

administrative template

  • Click Windows Components

windows components

  • Now scroll down and click Microsoft Edge
  • On the Microsoft Edge double click on the option that says Allows you to run scripts, like JavaScript.

allows you to run javascript

  • Select Disabled radio from left side of the policy editor window. Then click Ok.

javascript disabled in edge

Warning: By disabling JavaScript in your Browser, some functionality and elements on the webpage will not work properly. I recommend you to not disable JavaScript unless you think you needed.


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