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Download Torrent With IDM (Internet Download Manager)

I received a lot of tutorial request and one of the most frequently asked tutorial request is “How to download torrents with IDM“.

That’s why, Today I decided to write up a tutorial about How to download torrents with IDM (torrents to IDM). If you are a complete newbie and don’t know what IDM (Internet Download Manager) is? Then read next to learn more about it.

You can also skip the IDM introduction and directly drop in to the Download torrents with IDM steps by clicking here.

What Is IDM (Internet Download Manager)?

IDM or Internet Download manager is a feature rich software for Windows to download files from internet. The main advantages of using Internet Download Manager (IDM) is, It increase download speed by up to 3x. It uses advanced file segmentation technology that segments file by multiple part dynamically while downloading and use available connections to download without reconnecting.

IDM also supports resume, Scheduled Download, Proxy Server, FTP and a lot more feature. One of the most useful feature of IDM is, It has built-in Video grabber that grab any video from webpage, .

For an example, If you have IDM installed on your computer and integrated successfully with your web browsers, Then you will notice a “Download This Video” Button near the Video playback screen, Like This:

IDM Internet Download Manager Video Grabber

There are a few more features available on IDM that you will love and it’s resume download feature become really useful when you lost connectivity or unexpected PC shutdown. IDM isn’t a free software, Though IDM has a free 30 day Trial with no payment information or registration asking and then $29.95 for lifetime access.

Why Download Torrents With IDM?

  • Internet Download Manager can accelerate download speed up to 3x due to it’s intelligence dynamic file segmentation technology.
  • IDM has built-in proxy supports, So you can download files from anywhere even when Torrent is blocked by your ISP.
  • IDM’s Resume support help you to download a large file without worrying about downloading from the beginning due to connection lost or unexpected shutdown.
  • You don’t need to look at Torrent’s health.
  • You will get maximum download speed support by your ISP, Even when the Torrents has less number of seeders.

So, Are you ready to get started downloading torrents with IDM?

Downloading Torrents With IDM

Actually, There is no official support for downloading torrents with IDM. You will need to get a 3rd party’s help to make the torrent downloadable through IDM.

There are a couple of website’s that allow to Upload the torrents to their cloud server and then Download directly to your computer through Internet Download Manager. And the whole process is absolutely fast. Here are three websites that I use and recommend:


Furk Download Torrent with IDM

Furk is my favorite media storage. Right now this service is available only for users with invites, vouchers or social account (Facebook, Twitter & Google +). Don’t worry you can create your free account using your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account.

Furk allow users to download torrents to Furk’s cloud server, That you can download with IDM. It’s not a file sharing platform so don’t try to share files to public using Furk. This service also supports media streaming so you can also stream movies and mp3’s without downloading. The free service is limited to 1 GB bandwidth per day or 5 GB bandwidth per week and disk storage limit is unlimited as long as files are from public source.

Here is how to download torrent with IDM using Furk:

First create a free account at furk using your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account. After that Furk will send you a verification email. Verify your email account by clicking to the verification link. Once your account is verified, Now login your Furk account using your social account.

After successful login you will forwarded to my account page from where you can see the Bandwidth usage stats, Account information. Now visit My Files>>New to input your torrent information.

torrent to IDM using furk

Insert torrent URL/Magnet link or Upload .torrent file and then click on Add Download button to start download torrent to furk’s cloud server. Once it’s done, you will be redirect to the torrent details page from where you can download the torrent with IDM by clicking on the Download button.

Download torrent with IDM

That’s all you have to do to download torrents with IDM using Furk.


Download Torrents using Zbigz


Zbigz has free and premium plan. The free plan is limited to download under 1gb of file and maximum download speed is 150 KB/s. On free account your files will stay available to download for 7 days while, premium account offers Unlimited Download, Unlimited Speed and Unlimited days of availability to download.

In order to download through ZBigz, you will have to download the .torrent file or copy the magnet URL of the torrent’s you want to download and then Upload the .torrent file or paste the Magnet link to the Zbigz’s input field

Zbigz input form

After that, Hit on the GO button to let zbigz upload the torrent’s to it’s server and once complete, The file will be available to download using Internet download manager (IDM).


Download torrents using boxopus

At the moment of writing this How to guide, Boxopus only accept premium downloads. you can also spend $1.49 to get 7 days access to premium service. With their premium service you will be able to download unlimited files with 5 days of file lifetime. Once you are ready to go, Visit Boxopus and create an account if you already haven’t. Now the rest of the steps is much similar to Zbigz.

Hope you find the most easy and best way to download torrents with IDM. If you know any other quick solution for downloading torrents without any Torrent client like uTorrent, Please let us know via the discussion box below and thanks for sharing.

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