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How To Insert Facebook Conversion Tracking In WordPres

As you guys know that, Conversion tracking is a one of the most crucial things in any advertising campaign. Without conversion tracking in paid advertising, You might risking of losing money and time.

Conversion tracking helps business measure the return and success on investment in advertising campaign. It also helps business tracking on the action people takes after the ads are served. With proper tracking on your advertising campaign, you will be able to identify which page or which type of ads is converting well than others.

So you can improve your advertising to increase conversion and increase profit on less investment.

If you are advertising your business for a while, you might have heard about Facebook advertising or even you are already advertising on Facebook. Facebook is a large social network and more importantly It has billions of monthly active users. So advertising on Facebook can drive Hugh impression and targeted audience to your business website.

But everything is worthless unless you can track the conversion rate. Because you want to grow your business without investing more than the net profit.

To help you enable Facebook conversion tracking on your WordPress website, Here I’ve shared a simple trick to insert Facebook conversion tracking to your WordPress website. Let’s follow the instruction below to insert Facebook conversion tracking into WordPress posts, pages and custom post types.

Insert Facebook Conversion Tracking Pixel In WordPress

In this tutorial we are going to use a WordPress plugin called “Facebook Conversion Pixel“. But before you start installing the plugin to your WordPress, You first need to create your Facebook conversion tracking pixel from Facebook Ads Manager if you already haven’t created any yet.

OK, Let’s create your first Facebook conversion tracking pixel by following the step by step instruction below:

Create Facebook Conversion Tracking Pixel

First, visit your Facebook account’s ads manager portal and click into “Conversion Tracking” just like the screenshot below.

Facebook conversion tracking

Once you are on conversion tracking page, You will see something like this:

create Facebook conversion tracking pixel

You will only see above the page if you haven’t created any pixel yet.

Now click on the Create Pixel button to create your very first FB Conversion tracking pixel. Once you click on the Create Pixel button Facebook will ask you to input the pixel category and name. Input your pixel category and name to get Pixel code.

Facebook conversion tracking pixel code

After that, Copy the code provides by Facebook and save it into a text file.

Inserting Facebook Conversion Tracking Pixel

Now, It’s the time to add the codes to your WordPress website. Let’s go back to WordPress admin panel and You need a plugin as I wrote before. If you are newbie in WordPress and need assistance about installing WordPress plugin, You can read our step by step beginners guide.

Once you have finished installing “Facebook Conversion Pixel” Plugin to your WordPress, Visit Settings >> Facebook Conversion Pixel.

Facebook conversion tracking pixel settings

Now choose the post types you’d like to enable for Facebook Conversion pixel. Once you’ve completed all the settings, Now You will see a section under your WordPress post editor like the screenshot below:

Facebook conversion tracking pixel

Now paste the conversion tracking pixel code into the “Conversion Pixel JavaScript” box and check the box above it.

That’s all, You are done!

Once you’ve done all the things followed by this tutorial, It’s time to verify that the Facebook Conversion Tracking Pixel is working properly on your WordPress website. To do that, visit Facebook Pixel Helper and download the browser extension. Once you’ve completed the download and installation of Browser extension, Now follow the instructions on Facebook to verify that the Facebook conversion tracking pixel working properly.

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