How To Monitor Data Usage On Your PC

NetWorx Bandwidth Monitoring Tool

I have met over hundreds of people who want to know how much data they are using on a daily basis or monitor data usage on their PC. Especially when the data pack is limited like mine. Here My internet provider, Allows me to use 40GB data per month.

So I need a bandwidth meter to make sure, The data limit is on my control and I don't have to pay additional charges for data overages. Hay, I'm talking about Bandwidth monitor software not Device.

However, There are hundreds of people who want to know how to monitor how much data they are using, This week or even this month to make sure that they don't have to pay extra charges for overage use and risk of data connection disconnect at the end of the month.

Monitor Data Usage Using NetWorx

Anyway, After testing some data usage monitor software, I've found a few software that really works well. So, Here is a solution that I use to make sure my data usage isn't exceed the limit. There is a software called NetWorx that will help you to monitor your PC/Laptop bandwidth usage and help you to set daily, weekly and monthly limit.

So now you can control your data usage and your data limit will never exceed. Best of NetWorx is, It's free, lightweight and powerful software to monitor data usage.

NetWorx is only compatible with Windows (sorry, No Linux and Mac).

The Key Features are:

  • Graphics and Numeric chart
  • Ability to export usage data in various format including HTML, Excel and MS Word
  • Supports major internet connection like, Dial-Up, Broad Band, Ethernet, ISDN, ADSL and few more.
  • Advance Tool to display application's using your Internet connection
  • Ability to set Daily, Weekly and Monthly bandwidth limit.
  • Auto Notify If the limit is going to be exceed.
  • Bandwidth speed meter
  • Average Transfer rate, Maximum Download and Upload speed.
  • And a few more...

With NetWorx, You can control the data you want to use on daily basis and set notification if your daily, weekly or monthly bandwidth limit are going to be crossed. Here is a screenshot of my current usage report:

Networx bandwidth monitor software

I've been using NetWorx and all I can say about this software is, Networx is a great software to monitor data usage on Windows PC. It also helps users to set data usage limit, So the data will never exceed the limit.

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If you want to monitor your PC/Laptop bandwidth, NetWorx is what you need. I have tested few other tools to monitor internet usage but NetWorx is best from my point of view.

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