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How To Run Outlook Automatically When PC Starts

Microsoft Outlook is a great office software that I use almost every moment. If you are like me, You know, How important this software for us. But running outlook every time when pc starts is just another task that you need to do manually. Let’s think something automatic. Such as Outlook will starts automatically when PC Starts.

Here, Through this article, I will show you how to run Microsoft Outlook automatically when pc starts. Here I’ll show you two different ways. One is The easy way and another is the smart way using schedule task feature in windows.

The Easy Way To Run Outlook Automatically

You may have already familiar with Startup option in windows. Startup option is the most easy ways to run any application when pc starts. By using this method, You can ran any software including Microsoft outlook when pc boot or starts. If you are new with the startup option in windows, read the instruction below and If you are experienced enough with it, Please head over to the smart ways.

By using startup option, All you have to do is, Making a shortcut of your application and paste it to the startup folder and then the application is ready to start automatically from next boot. The detailed process shown below:

  • Click on the windows start menu icon and point to all program.
  • Now right click on the Microsoft outlook and choose Open file location. This will open the file location in your explorer window.
  • After that copy outlook.exe and type C:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup [Make sure to change the your_user_name with your windows username ] in your windows explorer’s location box.
  • By using the location above, It will open the startup folder, where you can place outlook and other program shortcut that will run automatically when pc starts.
  • Now paste outlook.exe file as a shortcut in the startup folder.

Windows startup option

That’s all, Now outlook will open automatically when pc starts.

You can disable startup program by deleting the shortcut from the startup folder.

Warning: Having a lot of program on Microsoft startup option puts a lot of stress on your computer while login. I recommend using the smart way that can reduce the stress by using delayed scheduled task system.

The Smart way to Run Outlook Automatically using Scheduled Task

Using scheduled task you can run any application on any event you want. Using this system you can choose application to run automatically when pc starts up. Using Scheduled task is preferred than the easy method. Because you can choose delayed scheduled task that reduce’s the stress of your computer while logging. I recommend using the following system because it adds a delay of 30s or couple of minute before the program starts. So your computer gets some time to release stress and run smoothly.

Here is the instruction:

  • Open task scheduler from Run Win Key +R using Taskschd.msc
  • Now The task scheduler will appear soon.
  • Once task scheduler appear, Click on the create task from right panel.

Windows task schedular

  • A new window will appear like this:

create a new task

  • On the general tab fill the name and description field to identify this scheduled task later. In my case I’ve used “Outlook Startup” as name and “Outlook startup at logon” as description.
  • After that click on the triggers and create a new trigger by clicking trigger at the bottom of the window.
  • Set the following option on the dialog that pop-ups
    • Begin the task: At log on
    • Settings: Choose the user account you want the scheduled task will be applied. In my case I’ve used Any user, because there in no user on this device except me.
    • Delay task for: First tick on this field and choose the delay time. I’ve choose 1 min.
  • Now hit on the OK button to add the trigger to your scheduled task.
  • After that click on the Action tab and create a new action by clicking on the new button at the bottom of the poop-ups.
  • Now It will ask you to choose the program path you want to be run automatically using Windows scheduled task option.
  • Choose Microsoft Outlook and hit Ok button.
  • You can also use some conditional logic from condition tab.

That’s all, Now Microsoft outlook will start automatically when pc starts using the smarter method that’s don’t overload your pc and boot time.

Using the above two methods you can set any application to run on pc startup. But the 2nd one (The Smart way to Run Outlook Automatically using Scheduled Task) is better than first method.

Do you know any other better ways to do that or any software that can do this with ease?


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