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How To Keep Hard Drives Healthy And Make Them Last Longer

Hard drives is the storage for all of your files, folders and operating system on your Computer. But Every Hard drive will fail to operate sooner or later.

When a hard drive crash or fail to operate, It become very hard to get data back or make the hard drive work again. So all we can do is, follow some tricks that can make the hard drives last longer and healthy.

Here I will show you some ways to make your hard drives healthy and last longer.

How To Make Hard Drive Last longer and Healthy

Tip: You should always keep your important data backed up on another hard drives or online storage. There are some companies offer free (Limited amount of data) data backup service. Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive are most popular data storage service that you can try.

In order to make your hard drives last longer there are a few things you need to do. By doing these things, Your hard drive will be last longer not immortal. Hope you understood.

Make sure your hard drive is properly placed

Some people set hard drive outside of the casing or placed on the wrong place that could lead to physical damage. And if your hard drive has any sign of physical damage, You won’t be able to get warranty. So the first thing first.

Make sure that your HDD is properly placed inside the case where it should belong. And try to avoid removing your HDD from the case once installed. And while installing HDD inside the case Don’t make it too tight or too loose while screwing. Also make sure that, Your hard drive is protected from vibrating and excessive pressure while it’s on or running.

Physical damage is the quickest way to crash a hard drive. So make sure there is no chances of physical damage of your HDD.

Excessive Heating Can Cause Hard Drive Failure

Like other electrical device, Hard Drive has a operating temperature limit. If it exceed the temperature limit, Your hard drive will fail to operate and can cause permanent damage.

Also make sure that your HDD is protected from dust because sometimes dust help insulate the heat inside the hard drive that may cause excessive heating.

In order to keep your HDD protected from excessive heating, You can implement a dedicated fan to your casing that will keep your HDD cool and reduce the chance of damage for excessive heat.

Defragment Fragmented Files Regularly

Windows has built-in feature to defragment hard drive on scheduled basis. Actually fragmented files make your hard drive to work harder that can cause HDD issues.

A particular file built with a lots of small pieces and when It become fragmented the small pieces scatter across around the hard drive and defragmentation make these small pieces located at the same place.

In this way Defragment reduce the load on your Hard Drive and keep it healthy.

How to Use Windows Defragment Tool

If you are using Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10, The defragmentation is scheduled by default. But if you want you can manually defragment your partition. In order to manually run defragment tool you need to open the partition properties window.

Now click on the tools tab and select defragment or optimize button to open the defragment tool.

windows defragment properties

You can also do a quick search using defragment on the taskbar and choose Defragment and Optimize Drives to run the tool.

defragment windows

You can also use 3rd party software like Defraggler to make defragmentation lot easier.

Choose the partition you want to defragment and hit on the defragment now button to start defragmentation process.

Run chkdsk Utility Frequently

Hard Drive can contain error, that can lead to permanent damage of your hard drive. Thanks to Windows chkdsk utility. Windows chkdsk tool will try to repair and fix common hard drive issue. I often run this tool to check and fix if any errors found on my Hard drive.

Unfortunately this tool can’t be run automatically unless Windows system detect major errors on your Hard Drive. To run this tool you need to type a simple command on Command Prompt Admin. The command is:

chkdsk /f C:

In the command above, The C: is the drive letter that I want to check and /ffor fix issues if found. Once you execute the command the system will ask you to run this operation at the next boot.

Windows CHKDSK command

I recommend you to run chkdsk operation at the next time you restart your system. To do that type Y and hit enter to allow this action to be run on next boot.

You can also run chkdsk tool by going into the properties option of the partition you want to check. Now click on the Tools tab and select Check button.

Windows check tool

After that Windows will ask for administrator permission to execute the action. Click on the Scan Drive to start scanning for errors.

Run Disk Cleaner Utility

Windows has a built-in Disk Cleanup tool to delete temporary files and remove junk from your partition. Yeah sometimes junk file can cause Hard drive health issue.

By cleaning junk file on regular basis, You HDD will work faster without excessive load on it. It will also make your computer faster.

In order to clean up junk and temporary file from your HDD partition, You can use built-in Disk cleanup tool or 3rd party disk cleaner.

How To Run Windows Built-in Disk Cleanup Tool

You can open the default disk cleaner utility by typing Disk Cleanup in the task bar and then choose Disk Cleanup from the search result.

Disk Cleanup

Now select the drive you want to clean and hit OK button to start the cleanup process.

3rd Party Disk Cleaner Tool

If you don’t want to utilize the default windows disk cleanup tool for any reason, There are a numerous disk cleaner tool freely available to download.

CCleaner is my favorite and you can try this tool for free, Though CCleaner has premium plan for business and corporate user but you can download the free version for your home pc.

Start installation upon download completion. When the installation is complete Run CCleaner.

CCleaner temporary file cleaner

Click on the analyze Button to see how much space will be cleaned. To run the cleaning process, Click on the Run Cleaner button to start cleaning.

You can also select the type of file you want to be cleaned with CCleaner from the left pane.

Frequent On & Off Can Cause Hard Drive Error

When the hard drive uses most?

When The hard drive works really harder?

I think it’s when PC Boot-up and Shutdown. So reducing frequent on-and-off reduce the load on hard Drive and your hard drive stay healthy. Actually when PC starts the HDD start spinning and when the PC shuts down the the HDD stop spinning. And doing it frequently, reduce the longevity of HDD.

Alternatively you can use power saver feature or sleep mode when you are steeping away for a few hour. Sleep mode or power saver feature will reduce the HDD spinning start and stop.

Last & Most Importantly: Use A Good Power Supply

Every electronics device use the electricity as the main power source and when the source become irresponsible the device will fail soon. I think you should consider using a good power supply unit to make every parts of your PC healthy and long lasting.

Bonus Tips

  • Keep your operating system updated. Because updates has fix of some critical issues and new features that can help you Hard drives and other parts of your pc Healthy.
  • Use A Surge protector. Electricity has a level of operating devices and Electricity not always constant. Sometimes it exceed the limit and make device irresponsible. Surge protector will help you to protect your electrical devices from electrical surge.
  • Install the applications that you actually needed. Every application stored on the Hard drives and put pressure when it runs as background task or normal application. It also use valuable resource on your hard drive.
  • Install and utilize a hard Drive monitor tool to get notified if anything goes wrong. So you can take immediate action and get rid of the potential data lose. There are a software named Acronis Drive Monitor (free, Registration required) that can monitor and notify you on HDD error.
  • Use backup tool and have a copy of your backup on online storage. This will ensure you that, Your important files and information are safe.

Hope I could point on some most important things that you can do to keep your hard drives healthy and make them last longer. But there is no last, I still believe I’ve missed a lot of other tricks that can improve HDD’s lifespan. If you know such a tricks, please let us know via below the discussion box.

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