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How To Minimize Any Application To The System Tray In Windows

There can be many reason you want to minimize applications to the system try in Windows. By default windows doesn’t have move to system try button or function to minimize any application to the system tray. But some application has built-in move to system try functionality such as Internet Download manager while most of the applications or software doesn’t has built in function or system to minimize to the system tray.

We always look for the easiest and simplest solution to perform a task and here through this tutorial blog post, I will show you the best way to minimize any software or application to the system tray in windows.

To perform this task in an easy way, we are going to utilize a tiny software called RBTray. RBTray is a very small sized software (32bit 76.0 KB and 64bit 88.0 KB) that can minimize any application to the system tray with single click.

Below is the instructions about how to use RBTray to minimize any application to the system tray in windows.

How To Use RBTray to Minimize Application to The System tray

the very first step is download RBTray to your windows. You can download the latest version of RBTray from RBTray official website. Once download is completed, Open the archive and extract 32bit or 64bit based on your operating system to your preferred location. Since there is no installation required, You don’t need to install anything even the software itself doesn’t require installation.

Just double click on the RBTray.exe file to start the application. That’s all.

Once RBTray started, Now you can minimize any application to the system tray by right clicking on the minimize button while left click still minimize the application to the task bar.

Right click to minimize

Isn’t it easy?

Once it minimized to the system try, You can left click on the application or window from the tray to restore.

restore window

Settings Up RBTray to run automatically at startup

I already have an instructions about how to run outlook automatically when PC starts, Where I’ve shown how to make an application run automatically at startup. You can follow the instructions to make RBTray starts automatically when PC starts or follow the instructions below:

  • Copy RBTray.exe and open windows startup folder by putting shell:startupat the explorer window location box and hit enter.
  • Right click on the startup window and choose paste shortcut

windows start-up rbtray

That’s all, Now RBTray will run automatically at startup and you can minimize any application or window to the system tray by right clicking at the minimize button and left click will minimize the window to the taskbar.

There are a few other software can perform this task, I have heard about some similar software but haven’t tried yet. Here are a few of those:

Have you tried above these software or anything else to minimize windows or applications to the system tray in windows? Please let us know via below the discussion box.

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