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Optin Form Review – A Perfect Free Alternative To OptinSkin

OptinSkin by Graeme Boy is definitely a Good and a worthy List building plugin for WordPress I’ve ever seen. I am a big fan of this awesome WP plugin, But as a newcomer, I never give it any try to go, Actually the main reason was, I didn’t wanted to pay $ for a list building plugin, Because My luck didn’t favor me in email marketing like now.

Now, I’ve over six hundred subscribers to this blog and My luck has changed, But still not using Optin Skin to my blogs because I’ve found a similar plugin that is free. Yeah! Free is a plus point for me like you.

If you are like me and looking for a similar plugin to Optin Skin, I may help you out! You can try Optin Forms Which is similar to optin skin and won’t charge a single penny.

I’ve been using the optin forms plugin to this and other blogs from the last week of October. I know It’s not so many days, But It’s too many times to understand a plugin’s functionality, How it works, How effective is it and much more..

Through this blog post, I will also tell you how to setup optin form that is similar to Optin skin and works rock.

Getting Started with Optin Forms

The very first step is, download and Install optin forms to your WordPress blog.

Once you’ve successfully installed optin forms to your WordPress, Now it’s ready to add optin form like Optin Skin to your WordPress blog.

After installing the plugin, You will get a new menu called Optin Forms to your WP admin panel. The menu will appear in the left sidebar under comments.

The configuration of Optin Forms is so easy, However, If you need assistance to set things up inside the optin forms, You can read next to learn how to configure it properly to get a optin form like what Optin skin does.

Anyway, Before going inside the configuration, I’d like to explain the features of Optin Forms that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Optin Forms Features

  • Supports 6 most popular email marketing service and these are: MailChimp, Aweber, iContact, GetResponse, Madmimi and Interspire email marketer. As a few month old WordPress plugin, It’s Huge!
  • It comes with 5 pre-made optin template, that is fully customizable and users can add their own CSS, color and text into it.
  • The placement option makes it premium, It supports 3 automatic placement option in After the first paragraph, After the second paragraph, After the post (like this blog). It also supports short-code to extend the possibilities.
  • The ease of use are really works here. You can get an email list booster plugin ready within 5 minutes or less.

As the post title goes for, This awesome free plugin is similar to Optinskin, which is worth $97 for unlimited domain and $67 for a single domain. So, The difference of price between them is $97, Because you can install optin forms on unlimited domain. Ok, now let’s compare their features first.

Of-course OS is better than OF but the price made a huge difference and you mustn’t want to pay $97 for some additional features like Popup, Fade effect, A/B testing and Social share buttons.

Actually, the additional features are freely available, and you can activate these features to your WordPress by installing some free additional plug-ins. Anyway, I still recommend OS for medium and enterprise level website, but for beginners OF is perfect. I think, we have dived into too deep, Now lets configure Optin forms and stop comparing with any other.

Configure Optin Forms

After installing Optin Forms to your WordPress a new menu called optin forms has added to your WordPress dashboard. Click into the Optin Forms menu from the left sidebar in your WordPress admin panel. Now, The first step is choosing the email providers you are using. As I wrote before in this blog post, At this time OF is supporting 6 email service providers. Choose your’s from the list and it will ask you some required data like List ID, API or Form action URL.

You can also find the details about how to collect the data by clicking into the help question mark. Once you collect the required data from your email provider and provided in Optin Forms, Click save changes button to proceed to the next step.

The next step is configuring the appearance of the optin form. At this time, They have 5 pre-made optin template that you can choose from. Here is the screenshot of 5 templates:

Optin form 5 Optin form 4 Optin form 3 Optin form 2 Optin form 1

Aren’t these great designs?

Once you picked the perfect design for your Blog, Now below every form design you will find the customization filed and other stuff like Where you want to place the forms, What texts you want to be appeared, Which color you want to be in your optin forms and other details.

Once you complete the details below design section, Your optin forms are ready to capture new leads.

Hope you find this review or whatever you say, Useful. If so, You must want to shout this loud in twitter?

Wanna say thanks for introducing with Optin Forms?

Thanks for being around here and hope to have a conversion about Optin Forms at the discussion box below.

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