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Should I Replace WordPress Comments With Disqus?

Disqus is a one of the most famous commenting solution and it’s more than just a commenting platform. I’ve installed Disqus comments before, But after a few days of installing Disqus, I replace it with the native WordPress comment and here’s why.

Why I No Longer Use Disqus?

There are many reasons, I switched over Native WordPress comments and here is some of these.

Another dashboard to moderate comments: The biggest reason to move from Disqus is they don’t allow comments moderation from the WordPress admin panel through an official Disqus plugin.

I know some blogger thinks this as an advantage, But from my point of view, I don’t want to go through a new tab, Login and then comment moderation. It’s also true that using a 3rd party comment system like Disqus dramatically reduces the spam comments, But it can’t protect spam comments from real spammer (!not bot).

It requires sign in for posting comments: Disqus is a 3rd party comment system that adds an authentication system just before hitting submit comment button. The authentication system is easy, fast, and users can also authenticate themselves through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even self Disqus.

I know all of these login and sign in to post comment are a great feature of Disqus, But in this way Disqus adding a new step to the real user and I fear if an additional step reduce new comments from new user.

Extra +10 HTTP requests that increase page load time: As Disqus is a 3rd party commenting platform, It adds +10 HTTP requests from it’s parent server to load the comments.

You know that how important every millisecond is on the web. So while every millisecond is being counted and its impact with website’s usability and search engine ranking, Should we keep using Disqus?

Less comments from visitors: There are some people who don’t want to put their privacy in public. Whilst Disqus requires login and accept social applications as login provider, It puts the commentators profile on the public. So, Some who don’t want to put their privacy in public, I fear if they stop putting comments anymore.

While I’m writing this, I am also browsing some blogs to learn what they think about disqus and while browsing these blog who are using Disqus and recommending, I found some proof about how disqus killing your website. Lets take a look to the screenshots below:

how disqus killing your website seo

There is no doubt that the 1st anchor text link titled “phoenix seo” is spam and the 2nd one is automatically hyper linked by Disqus only for .com at the end of FRIENDLY that lead to 404 error. And you Guys might heard that linking to 404 can be result of search penalty.

So, A question for you, Do you think I should use Disqus instead of native WordPress?

I was a Disqus lover! Uh hu! I think I still love Disqus but for some reason, I replaced Disqus with native WordPress comments and I’m happy with it. In fact, it allows me to highlight my own reply and comments.

Okay! I think I’ve said enough and you might want to take your turn to share, what do you think about Disqus, Is Disqus Better than Native WordPress comments?

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