5 Best WordPress Ad Management Plugin

Generating revenue from Blog or website by displaying advertisements is the most popular method and utilized by millions of website on the internet. We are (WordPress Blogger) display advertisements to our blog to generate more income through advertisers, affiliate networks or contextual advertising such as Google Adsense.

We know the benefits of display advertisements on our blog to make money using blogging. As a content publisher we always need to manage our ads and easy ways to carry out advertising on various place. Luckily there are a lots of WordPress Ad manager plugin made this easy and save our a lots of priceless time.

Here I am going to share 5 best WordPress Ad Manager plugin that can easily take our advertising strategy to the next level. Lets check these plugins below:

5 Best WordPress Ad Manager Plugin

Here I have listed free and premium (both) ad manager plugin. Hopefully you will find the perfect ad manager plugin to display advertisements to your WordPress powered blog that is best suited for your needs.

OIO Publisher

OIO Publisher

OIO Publisher is a premium WordPress ad manager plugin. It also the most popular WordPress ad manager plugin. Most of popular WordPress powered blogs using OIO Publishers to display advertisements and they recommend it.

It not just a plugin that only display advertisements on your blog, It’s a complete ad management plugin that eliminate the middle man and ensure you that you are getting the maximum value of your advertisements. It is very easy to use and install to your blog.

The feature that I like most in OIO Publisher is, It has the features to sell your advertising space directly to the advertiser. Through this feature, you can choose different pricing for different ad space and different ad type.

You always wanted an ad manger that is in your control and you can set up with your own settings, Yeah if so then OIO Publisher is perfect suite with your need. Lets check some advantages of this plugin:

  • Very Easy To Use
  • Full Control Of your Advertisements
  • Automation of Selling Advertisers to Buyer
  • Add 3rd party ad alongside with yours
  • Free listing to OIO Publisher Marketplace
  • Lifetime free update and support

Download OIO Publisher Now>> (Here is a $10 off coupon code: SUM17-PBP )


Adrotate WordPress Ad Management Plugin

Another best and free and premium WordPress ad manager plugin is AdRotate by Arnan de Gans. This plugin has 50,000+ active install (Data source: WordPress.org). I think AdRotator is the best free WordPress Ad Manager Plugin.

This plugin allows you to set custom Geo Location, Maximum Impression, clicks and custom time frame that take your advertising further. It also has the powerful yet user friendly interface that will help you to get started with AdRotate without any prior knowledge or support.

You can place your ad anywhere within your blogs with AdRotator plugin. It’s so simple and easy, Just place the short-code where you want to display the ads, that’s all. Lets take a look at its features:

  • Easy management of ads and Group of ads
  • Track Click and Impression
  • Support settings up Geo Location
  • Support Custom Time frame
  • Ad Rotation System
  • Support Maximum Click and Impression Limit
  • Email Notification when your ads need you

Download AdRotate Now>>


Adsanity WordPress Plugin

AdSanity is a simple and easy to use Premium WordPress ad manager plugin. This plugin especially focused on ease of use. If you are new to WordPress then it would be great for you because adding ads on AdSanity is like adding a post in WordPress.

AdSanity supports Widgets and short-codes so you can display ads anywhere of your blog. It also has a powerful and accurate stats or analytics page, where you can find ads stats and details.

Adsanity has two different type of widget support to display single unit ads or multi unit ads that rotates automatically.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Accurate statistics data
  • Supports Specific Time frame
  • Comes with Ad Widgets and Short-codes
  • Supports date based and infinity(Live Forever until you remove) Advertisements
  • Supports Add ons

Download AdSanity Now>>

Update: Simple Ads Manager has been removed from this list because of it’s security issue and Advanced Ads took it’s place And all the credit goes to @hrispm. Thanks @hrispm for noticing us about the security issue of Simple Ads Manager and introducing us with Advanced Ads.

Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads is a fremium WordPress Ad manager Plugin

Advanced Ads is a powerful but light weight WordPress ad manager plugin. It not only manage and insert ads in WordPress It also optimize them. We are now using Advanced Ads to manage advertisements in WordPress.

Advanced Ads is a fremium WordPress Plugin. You can upgrade to it’s premium version for more functionality and more control over your ads. Though the Free Version of advanced Ads are pretty good for small and medium sized blog or website.

Advanced Ads will let you display and manage advertisements in your WordPress. It also allow us to set up Ad injection, Ad rotation, Scheduling and set visitor condition (Visitor conditions limit the number of users who can see your ad). It also supports various types of ads including Adsense ads, Plain Text or HTML ads, Rich Content ads and Image ads. It also allow us to grouping ads to rotate multiple ads within same advertisement place.

  • Create & Manage unlimited number of ads.
  • Supports multiple types of ads including Adsense ads, Image Ads, Rich content and more.
  • Advanced Ads also allow users to Inject, Rotate and scheduling ads in WordPress.
  • Ability to set condition for display ads and visitor condition.
  • Easy to use and user friendly interface.

Download Advanced Ads now>>


As it names implies it serves 125X125 advertisements blocks on your website. It is a simple, flexible and free WordPress ad manager plugin. You can easily configure Your 125X125 advertisements blocks and columns. With this ad manager plugin you can display unlimited number of advertisements on your blog’s sidebar. Lets check its features:

  • Supports one or two columns Advertisements blocks
  • Easy to use and newbie friendly
  • Supports unlimited ad blocks
  • Accurate statistics

Other useful WordPress ad management plugin worth looking:

Have you tried any one from above the list or have you tried any other WordPress Advertisements plugin that you would like to add in this list, Please don’t hesitate to let me know via below the comments.

There are a lot of WordPress ad management plugin available and it’s really so tough to find every good plugin on this category. Some of these plugins are free and some of these plugins are Premium. So Here are a few of good free and premium WordPress Ad management plugin. If you are using any of these, Please let us know your experience through the comments below. And if you found this list worthy, then don’t forget to share with your friends on Social networks.

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  • hrispm
    June 18, 2017 at 7:20 pm

    Hi. I am surprised, that the Simple Ads Manager is still getting recommended. You can find lots of articles about security issues of the plugin and hacked blogs, running SAM. I think, that’s why it was kicked out of the plugin directory on wordpress.org (your link for SAM is broken). SAM belongs to the 12 most attacked plugins (https://www.wordfence.com/blog/2016/08/top-50-attacked-wordpress-plugins-week/). I am using Advanced Ads now and I can highly recommend it because of its various options and the cache busting, which allows working ad rotations and ad tracking on cached sites (https://wordpress.org/plugins/advanced-ads/).

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